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  • Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) Now Supported

    AIR is now able to support Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) for secure student testing. Districts and schools may update their Mac devices to this operating system. Users will be able to access the practice test site and student testing site from this platform.

    Note that Siri has been added to the list of forbidden apps. As with any other forbidden app, if you attempt to open the secure browser while Siri is running, you will be prompted to close Siri before continuing.

    Added February 7, 2017
  • Paginated Stimuli and Chrome

    AIR has identified an issue with paginated stimuli on Chromebooks running version 55 or 56 which prevents passages from displaying properly. As a safeguard, the paginated stimuli feature will not be active if the tool is turned on when using Chrome OS 55 or 56. Google is working on a fix for this bug targeted to be included in version 57. Chromebooks on version 54 or earlier are not affected.

    Districts have several options available.

    1. If your district has elected not to use the paginated stimuli tool, no action is needed.
    2. If your devices are on version 54 or earlier, do not upgrade to version 55 or 56. Auto-update can be disabled via the management console to keep your Chromebooks on their current version.
    3. If your devices are on version 55, roll the OS back to version 54
      1. If you are using the management console, contact your Enterprise Support for assistance.
      2. If you are using stand-alone devices, follow the procedure at this link.
    4. If your devices are on version 56, roll back is not an option, as that can only take you back one version. You will need to upgrade to 57 once the fix is confirmed. If you administer any operational assessments before upgrading to 57, passages will be displayed with a vertical scroll bar, regardless of test setting selected in TIDE or the TA Interface.

    Version 57 should be released by Google in March and once AIR confirms that this issue is fixed, we will notify districts that they may upgrade to 57.

    Note this issue also affects the Practice Test Site when accessed with Chrome Browser versions 55 and 56. If you turn on paginated stimuli in the Practice Test Site while using Chrome Browser 55 or 56, the passages will not be paginated.

    Added January 31, 2017
  • Spring 2017 Ohio’s State Tests Manuals Now Available

    The Spring 2017 Test Administration Manual and Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing are now available on the Administration Manuals and Guidance Documents resources page. Please download and review these manuals carefully.

    Test coordinators and test administrators must review the Test Administration Manual (TAM) prior to the spring 2017 administration. The TAM information is applicable for all spring 2017 Ohio’s State Tests and is applicable to online and paper testers.
    Districts with students testing on paper must also download and review the Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing. The supplemental instructions cover policies and procedures specific to paper testing.

    Test administrators who are administering online tests will also need to download a copy of the Online Testing Highlights and Script (TAM Appendix L). The Online Testing Highlights and Script includes step-by-step directions and the oral script for test administrators to reference on test day.

    Added January 23, 2017
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This portal is your source for information about Ohio’s State Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.